Welcome to the Junior Panda website!

WWF-Hong Kong’s Junior Panda site is a fun and interactive way for you to explore our world. The best part is, all the activities are outside the classroom, so you learn the real-world context and connect to your daily lives.

There are lots of ways that nature affects our lives – but lots of ways that we affect nature too, in both favourable and sometimes unpleasant ways. The Junior Panda site will help you learn about nature, how we protect and conserve it, and what “sustainable living” means.

The most important part of the whole site is…you! By participating now, you will develop a life-long passion for protecting our world. Maybe you’ll even become a guardian for nature who can teach and inspire other people!

Join us as the Tiger Investigator!

Every 29 July marks International Tiger Day. This annual celebration raises awareness about why we need to conserve tigers and how protecting tigers can protect habitats for many other animals – and people too!

To celebrate tigers this year, join us as a Tiger Investigator, complete a series of Tiger Investigator Challenges and get a Tiger Investigator e-badge of your own!

Tiger Investigator Challenge rules

  • Participants will complete three Tiger Investigator Challenges on the Junior Panda website between 3 and 28 August 2022.
  • The challenges will be unlocked on set dates.
  • After completing all three challenges, participants will receive a Tiger Investigator e-badge.

Successful Tiger Investigators can bring the e-badge to the WWF Tigers Protect Habitats event at Cityplaza between 19 and 28 August 2022. There, you can unlock and solve the final challenge to win a tiger pin! *

The Tigers Protect Habitats event will have other fun activities too, so make sure you go!

*There are a limited number of tiger pins and they will be available on a first-come, first-served basis only.

Cool facts

What’s happening next?

Earth Hour 2022 28-Day ChallengeCompleted
“Tigers Protect Habitats” Tiger Investigator Challenges3 - 28 August 2022


Together, we can build a sustainable future for Hong Kong where nature and people work together to save our planet. Please support WWF-Hong Kong!


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