About us

The natural world is an amazing, incredible place. Without nature, we would have no economy, no society – and no us! That’s right, we would not exist without nature, and that’s a big reason why it’s so important to treat our environment and our planet with respect, so we can live in harmony with nature.

WWF-Hong Kong’s job is to motivate and empower people to conserve the environment and reduce the impact we have on our planet – now and in the future. We want to inspire people to live in a way that helps keep our planet healthy by sharing knowledge and skills and providing opportunities for them to connect with Hong Kong’s natural environment.

Our mission is to help you become an ambassador for our planet through fun, engagement and real-life experiences.

Junior Panda gives you fun and exciting challenges to help you learn about nature and take some actions. By participating, you’ll learn all about the different aspects of conservation and sustainability.

WWF-Hong Kong’s Conservation Pillars

Mai Po and Wetlands
Hong Kong Biodiversity
Green Cities