Junior Panda Website FAQ

  1. What is Junior Panda website?
    Junior Panda website is an online platform to provide kids with age group from 6 to 12 (primary school) a fun and exciting challenges to help them learn about nature and take some actions. By participating, kids will learn all about the different aspects of conservation and sustainability.

  2. Junior Panda website
    Chinese - http://wwf.org.hk/juniorpanda
    English - http://wwf.org.hk/juniorpanda_en

  3. What challenges?
    The Junior Panda challenge will launch different themes and milestones periodically.

  4. How to participate?
    To get started, parents need to help your “Junior Panda participant” to register an account. Junior Panda participant to login and start unlocking the challenges.

    Just follow these simple steps:
    Step 1: Parents create an account for your Junior Panda (Register page) →
    Step 2: Junior Panda logs in →
    Step 3: Junior Panda starts the challenges!

  5. What information do I need to register an account?
    Parents need to provide simple and basic information like name, contact email and number; and your kid’s name and their age information. You can also set the username and password with your kid for their future login.
    You can go to the Junior Panda website → Registration Page to have a look.

  6. Can I use 1 email address to register for my 2 kids?
    1 email account can only register for 1 kid; if you have 2 kids, you need to have 2 different email accounts to register respectively.

  7. Why do I need to provide my information to set up my kid’s Junior Panda account?
    We do not contact children directly through email and phone, Junior Panda website will only communicate with the parents. You will receive your kid’s e-Badge when they have completed the challenges simultaneously so you can know about their progress.

  8. What do Junior Panda get after the challenge?
    For each milestone that you reach, you earn something exciting! For example, this time participants will award e-Badge. We plan to come up with something different each time.

  9. Where can we get the e-Badge?
    When participant completes each challenge, we will send the e-Badge to the registered email address (please be aware that the mail may fall into other inboxes such as junk mail). At the same time, e-Badge will be uploaded to participant’s profile page under Junior Panda website.

  10. Where to contact when I have further enquiry?
    There is a “Contact us” at the top navigation bar, welcome to leave us message and we will get back to you shortly.